Specially designed Cleaner to remove the dirt on the surface of CD,VCD,and computers installed in autos,steamers,planes etc.Also used for clean greasy dirt and dust adhered to printed circuit and electrical parts and components of digital, remote, household,educational and medical equipments.Provide all-round protection.Clarify the sound and view.Voltage resistance.Cleaning can be done even with equipment running.Easily volatile.Leave no residue.No damage to rubber,plastic,metal and other coatings. INFLAMMABLE. NO need of disassembling the equipments.

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 Specially designed Cleaner to remove the dirt on the surface of CD,VCD,and computers installed in autos,steamers,planes etc.Also used for clean greasy dirt and dust adhered to printed circuit and electrical parts and  components  of digital,   remote, household,educational and medical equipments.Provide all-round protection.Clarify the  sound and view.Voltage resistance.Cleaning can be done even with equipment running.Easily volatile.Leave no residue.No damage to rubber,plastic,metal and other  coatings.  INFLAMMABLE.  NO  need of disassembling  the equipments. 
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